Our origins

Tecnomont originates in 2001. It is a small business under Friedrich Recknagel's technical directions. He was head of several building departments in Uruguay, Argentina and Germany. This is the beginning of Recknagel y Cia SRL's history.

Within a decade, tecnomont rises to be an experienced working group with technical knowledge in our department at thermal and acoustic insulation and also in other technologies, such as installation of mobile racks and high-speed doors.

At 2014 rises Recknagel y Cia SRL as a product of Tecnomont's staff and the need of a business growth. It is now a partnership betweenMirta Rodríguez, Friedrich Recknagel and Helmut Recknagel.


Friedrich W. Recknagel: More than 30 years in construction field give him enough experience to technically manage the firm. On the construction site, he gives advice to our co-workers, in order to solve problems before they happen.


Mirta G. Rodríguez: Manages the administration sector.

In Tecnomont, she was the business owner. All the experience developed in those years, lead to a better management.

Helmut J. Recknagel: Mechanical engineering student and professional voice-over actor in ALPU.

Being the youngest partner, he gives different ideas and points of view in partner meetings.