In order to fulfill the client's needs, Recknagel y Cia SRL works with several international companies. Those companies bring us products that blend in with the projects, such as industrial doors, storage systems, water treatment and docking systems.

Our suppliers:

Storax provides storing solutions. Mobile racks that make up to 80% more saving space than the conventional non-dynamic systems.

Recknagel y Cia is experienced at technical experience related to the installation of those devices in various workplaces in Uruguay.


Huber specializes in water treatments, bringing solutions to problems like water filtering in several stages including the DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) system and mud-drying mechanisms. Those solutions give our clients a complete solution for their waste water disposal.


Efaflex, a german company that leads the high-speed doors development.

With the fastest high-speed doors in the world, they are a great solutions for separating environments with different settings, specially when there is a product passage needed from one room to another, like at low temperature freezing environments.

Since the beginning of our work, our principal provider of working material has been Bromyros.

Decades filled with work experience and a quality end product are what distinguish our projects together.


A German company that focusers on building docking systems for trucks at the industry. The docking, as seen in the video, avoids both air and heat exchange between the outside and the truck. It is ideal for exchanging products that need to maintain low temperatures, both for the product, and the company's expenses in maintaining room temperature.


Infraca, a spanish company that makes doors for industrial purposes. They manage to fulfill the client's needs with both manual and automatic doors. The manual doors are one piece injected polyurethane doors inside an aluminum frame. At the time, Recknagel y Cia SRL is responsible for the product installation and customer service in Uruguay.


Rolflex is also a door provider. These doors, however, are sectional compact doors, ideal for small spaces, such as docking places for trucks, garages, etc.

They were introduced to uruguayan market thanks to Recknagel y Cia SRL

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Our company provides several services, such as:

  • Assembly of large thermal insulating structures
  • Sale of industrial machinery and equipment
  • After-sale service and maintenance